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Friday, September 2, 2011

Letter for marcus from christina jackson

Dear marcus
 i just wanted to say that  i really love you very much and care about you 
and i wanted my feature with you  even through i didnt tell you what
i really wanted with you but it seems you didnt gave me more time
to get on my feet to show you what i have i can show you
now that you move on  i dont know what else to think or do
because this is the second time i lost person i wanted my feature with
i feel like you didnt  aperacate me  and stay with me   i feel like
you listen to your mom how she dosent like me  but it wasnt
her place or to say how she felt because i felt like   when i ask you
it suppose to be  marcus  and christina  not you and ur mom and me
well that were i fuck up when i talk to ur mom  in first place  that wasnt my
place to  talk to her but she the one  was cursed who you was dealing with
now  that your gone im hurt that you took your mother side then minds and how i felt about you
now that my famliy know how i feel about you it embarrssed thang to go threw
because  i really wanted to be with you but it seems you didnt like me for who i am
like i accapted you for who you were  some time i wish  you would come back to me
but you choose how you felt about me  made me look dumb  i really through you would like me for
who i am all i got from you is  a valentine day gift from you  that only thang i have of you of memory
im sorry if i didnt tell you about  sonagram when your mom didnt believe me but why would i lie about
somthang like that  i guess you never believe me  about any thang or my career  im persuiting but i wouldnt
blame you  cuz i wasnt supportive of  your dance career  and that my fault if i can turn back around  i would support you in any career but im upset you left me like  this because i dont think i could love anybody else like i loved you

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