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Sunday, September 25, 2011

christina fashion line tshirt

                                                         christina  fashion line  tshirt

christina collection !

christina  jackson  made this collection  can your man be selfish !

christina collection !

christina jackson made  tshirt  lies  and regreats  cause she through about her realationship
that what she went threw so she brain storm  and help the female  wear shirt lies and regrets 

Friday, September 23, 2011

christina collection !

 christina jackson design this shirt  she say  she  made  this  shirt  because some women that get over a
break up  can feel this way and not to  dout your self  so  called it so yesterdy  desperesting moment

Monday, September 5, 2011

christina collection ! her fashion line name elspots pocketbook

christina jackson made  a collection to her fashion line  a pocketbook with  the color bright pink  with  diamondes  on it with her logo name  elspots   could it be a  louie  pocket book  just  alomost look like but her own creative mind

Friday, September 2, 2011

Letter for marcus from christina jackson

Dear marcus
 i just wanted to say that  i really love you very much and care about you 
and i wanted my feature with you  even through i didnt tell you what
i really wanted with you but it seems you didnt gave me more time
to get on my feet to show you what i have i can show you
now that you move on  i dont know what else to think or do
because this is the second time i lost person i wanted my feature with
i feel like you didnt  aperacate me  and stay with me   i feel like
you listen to your mom how she dosent like me  but it wasnt
her place or to say how she felt because i felt like   when i ask you
it suppose to be  marcus  and christina  not you and ur mom and me
well that were i fuck up when i talk to ur mom  in first place  that wasnt my
place to  talk to her but she the one  was cursed who you was dealing with
now  that your gone im hurt that you took your mother side then minds and how i felt about you
now that my famliy know how i feel about you it embarrssed thang to go threw
because  i really wanted to be with you but it seems you didnt like me for who i am
like i accapted you for who you were  some time i wish  you would come back to me
but you choose how you felt about me  made me look dumb  i really through you would like me for
who i am all i got from you is  a valentine day gift from you  that only thang i have of you of memory
im sorry if i didnt tell you about  sonagram when your mom didnt believe me but why would i lie about
somthang like that  i guess you never believe me  about any thang or my career  im persuiting but i wouldnt
blame you  cuz i wasnt supportive of  your dance career  and that my fault if i can turn back around  i would support you in any career but im upset you left me like  this because i dont think i could love anybody else like i loved you

christina collection !

christina  made  collection called  diamonde girl best friends  now we all know that all female like  jewlery as there best friend  why not come out with a tshirt with  your best friend with diamonde on them

Saturday, August 20, 2011

christina collection !

christina  jackson made a tshirt  about hater just make that paper  support the people who making they  money and dont let the hater sweat you 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

christina design elle magazine tshirt

christina  made  a  Elle Magazine  tshirt to help the company and support  a new idea out there  for a  shirt  to support  the next top designer  and models  that like  looking at magazine

Friday, May 13, 2011

Christina Jackson Collection rainbow Prom Dress

Christina Jackson Collection Rainbow  dress   for the prom  and be the home coming  queen  and your boyfriend is the  home coming king   this dress i would say lady GAGA  would  wear somthang  out  the  box  and make it look like  a  good fuckin  dress  excause my langueses  lols  .....  fellow  the blog 

christina Jackson Collection summer dresses

  christina jackson collection  of summer  and spring dress  love the color  and have  all the jewls on it  to  give that blang to make you look lke a princess .....   who want to wear that for her man ......   fellow me
my blog    look  out for more   of my design i did online 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Christina Jackson Collection RainBow Sweat Pants

Christina Jackson Collection  she deisgn    rainbow  sweat pants  why design these type of  sweat
because i never seen nobody were no type of any rain bow sweats  all i see is one color  sweat i feel  if you  gonna put somthang easy on make somthang that kool  to wear lil somthang that say ooo wow  bam  
i also love them because you can  go  to the gym work out with  these pant and i love it when it  tight in my bootie  to make it look big lols im just  sayn  .....   fellow  my blog

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Christina Jackson Collection Spring dressess

 Christina Jackson Collection who ready for  new spring dress  that  bright up lady smile and skin  out  looking   sexii for ya mans  tonight show some legs  and shoudlers  i love this dress  and i would were this alldy   at the beach   check out  for more christina jackson collection  of her design  she  did online   fellow my blog 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Christina Jackson Collection anybody like skittles im repersenting the skittles comapny

Anybody like  candy  well  some time  i love  eating  skittles  when im  craving  for it  so i  design this  tshirt  to repersent the skittles  company  because i havent  seen nobody  in there company  made  a  skittles tshirt  and  i love  how the  orange color i use to brighting up the tshirt and i also use  lil diamonde  different color to match the  candy color   this is one of  christina jackson collection   fellow me and fellow my blog vote me and the america to be the next best designer for this  2011  to 2012 and so on  here my fashion tips  i have my own creative style 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Christina Jackson Collection Different Design make coach out there with some colors

Christina Jackson Collection she design  now  we all  know that  coach is  Top of the  line   prouduct  and have c all over  the shose    flip flop pocketbook  expsentive but  how about a new coach  with diffrent  color   diamonde on it   more  like  dame i need to buy that not same  1 lame   color and cc  make more  loality to the prouduct  if you like the  tshirt   fellow my blog
 gain me  to be the next top designer you ever sew and heard with the skills i got  to make the world  change there mind on somthang diffrent and new 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Christina Jackson Collection who Ready for Swim Wear for the summer time

Christina  Jackson  design she did online of  her  swim wear collection   ready to have  for color full  shining
wear for the summer   looking hot and sexii for the  men for the beach very  out standing of my collection  not too plan but ready to party style  i love  flashes  stuff  that nobody have and it would look great on anybody 
sexy body  all you have to do is  support me   and  fellow me  and share  me  to america to be  your next top designer   support elspots !  guys  if you want to dress in nice  clothes   spread the world

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Lauren Conrad’s latest book

Lauren Conrad has released a book about the style guide! Even coming out of business on-line sales of clothing, but beautiful presenter, Lauren Conrad returned to design a new plan to change her appearance with the style guide appears. Formerly, Lauren Conrad was a presenter of “The Hills” on MTV. She became very famous because of the events that brought the most popular choice in many countries. There are many ideals in mind this beautiful woman. One her desire is to become a designer. For information, Lauren began her career in the fashion world as a young designer. She also is one of the designers for Kohl’s Department Store.

In this book, Lauren provides a variety of short tips to readers, how to package the appearance that he always looks stunning. There are many tips that she aimed for all women in the world to always appear attractive and fascinating, because beauty is the excess of women which should be highlighted.
Lauren Conrad also promoting his latest book on face book and twitter, so many teenagers who are interested to read it. She has a high spirit to take to develop the fashion world. There are many people who always support her to achieve all her goals, especially her family!