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Thursday, January 5, 2012

where life for me

where is life for me
the more i feel rejacted and not wanted
the more u feel like im going crazy
what is life to me when all the bullshit
come to me  when every love life realationship
become a crew up a desater no one  to lean on
no one to talk about  my problem all the bullshit
i take in i let it take over me into one ball

all the  fustrade it  stuation  has become  a blow up
that  made  me become the person that i am
or  took me to that point  in the hosptail
were is life  for me  when you  love sombody
that dont love you back the same  and shit on you

for a nother chick in the street
were is life for me wen i look at  every one and they happy
and got what  they have or  person they are with  while im
still strugglin to make a living 
were is life  when i gave up my son for a basterd that didnt  clam me
but  just agruge with me because  deep down in side i let him get the best

where life  for me

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